Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sundance Film Festival + More:

It's been over a month since I posted on here - something I swore would never happen because an online journal is sort of completely worthless if nothing is ever posted... but moving on:

2nd semester of med school is hard! Why didn't anyone tell me med school is hard? ;) 
So studying is consuming my life, but thankfully I am LOVING what I am learning about, my classmates are pretty much my favorite people, and JP keeps me sane by forcing me to leave my studying cave and do fun things. 

Speaking of those fun things, we went to the Sundance film festival!
It's our sixth year attending (crazy!) and I think it was the best year yet. 
We saw three movies -- Digging for FireI Am Michael, and Z for Zachariah and they were all so different that I don't even know which one is my favorite. 
The best part about seeing movies at Sundance is that the actors and director are right there and watch the movie with you, then they get up on stage after and talk about the movie and answer any questions the audience has! 

^^^ Dinner in Park City at Vinto after a movie!

^^^ Hi Nick Miller!

 ^^^ James Franco on the left talking into the mic!

So that was really fun. 
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Then, last weekend, JP decided that we really needed a weekend away and so at 5:00 PM on Friday evening we decided to road trip to St. George!
We jumped in the car with our friends Eric and Kimmi and had the best weekend eating delicious food, laying in the sun, hot tubbing, and playing tennis!

And then last but not least - Valentines Day!
We had a pretty low key valentines this year - it started the night before valentines with our annual heart-shaped pizza group date (thanks to everyone who came!) which I will be posting about soon because I just realized that I didn't upload my pictures off my camera yet haha. 

But here is a picture of what I wore! Very festive.

Then the morning of valentines we went to yoga, played some tennis, and got Vietnamese food that night! And also watched half of Titanic.  It was basically perfect, and I loved every minute of it. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas Down Under!

I've been completely MIA, for which I apologize, but I have a good reason - JP and I spent Christmas in Australia!
We were in Sydney for almost 3 weeks, visiting and staying with JP's family (grandfather, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc), and spending a lot of time in the ocean, in a pool, or shopping. 
Pretty much the perfect vacation haha.
We went to the beach almost every day, ate fried calamari on Bondi Beach, tried the world's best gelato (actually was legitimately voted 'World's Best'!), got completely spoiled by his family (they are the most generous people), played Uno! and Trivial Pursuit, ate practically nothing except candy and desserts (I'm in full blown sugar-free detox mode currently, but it was worth it haha), played with koalas and kangaroo's, devoted a lot of time and effort into avoiding spiders, wandered around Darling Harbor, and rang in the new year by watching 3 massive fireworks shows around Sydney Harbor!

Oh I miss it so much. 
Except that I did nothing productive (school-wise) the entire time I was there and I just finished my first week back and am paying for it a little haha. 
And now for about a million pictures:

Christmas Eve:
^^^ the appetizer table! Delicious!

^^^ aunts and cousins! 

 Christmas Morning!

Bondi --> Coogee walk!


Koala Park!
^^^ I know I weirdly look like I am pushing the Koala off the ledge... but I'm not haha

^^^ family photo


^^^ One day we even tried going to the beach when it was freezing... we lasted about 35 minutes haha

^^^ Fireworks! 

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Monday, December 22, 2014

The 6th Annual Christmas Party!

My friend Jordan and I (see the above pic? That's us!) hosted our 6th annual holiday soiree last weekend and I say this every year but think it was the best year yet!
Instead of a sit down dinner with place cards and hams and potatoes and lots of stress, we did a cocktail-style event and it was fabulous! We had cabaret tables and about 20 different appetizers and desserts, not to mention holiday punch and of course, the white elephant gift exchange! 

This year might have been the best year when it comes to the... um... variety of the white elephant gifts haha and seriously it was such a blast. 
I ended up with a Christmas clock that plays holiday songs every hour and some other lucky winners went home with a 49ers snuggy, a homemade twinky machine, and a pickle (to name a few!) 

This party is one that I look forward to each year - it's the best way to get all our friends from the past 6+ years together and spend a fabulous evening mingling and chatting and catching up. 

This year we had over 50 people come (!!!) and a new addition to the festivities included a photo backdrop that was made by Jordan's sister Kendel - it was maybe the most amazing backdrop I've ever seen and she also was the unofficial photographer of the night and took everyone's pictures in front of it! (seriously Kendel, you're a champ) I didn't even manage to take any photos of the centerpieces, the food, or the decor because I was too busy chatting and then suddenly 4 hours had passed and the party was over. 
What a night! Without any snow around it had hardly felt like Christmas, but after this party I was catapulted right into the Christmas spirit!
And thank you to everyone who came!
And I apologize in advance if your picture didn't make this post! There were  a lot to sort through and some most likely definitely slipped through the cracks!

^^^ Look at how amazing this made-from-scratch-and-held-together-with-3-nails backdrop is!

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Monday, December 15, 2014

So so thankful in 2014:

A few things I'm thankful for this year:
(yes, it's halfway through December but there was no way this post was going to get written in the middle of finals week - which I survived, by the way. 
So Happy very-late Thanksgiving! Hope yours was grand.)

>>> A husband who is unbelievably supportive of me and my dreams and also equally willing and excited to plan adventures around the world or just binge-watch Game of Thrones in our apartment. 

>>> The fact that I'm somehow in medical school and learning to be a doctor! I have a moment at least weekly where I can't believe this is my life - SO GRATEFUL!

>>> My family (and especially my parents!) that not only do I love, but I love being around! I love our hilarious group chats and face-timing at midnight and how I know they've always got my back - they're my people, and I am thankful for it. 

>>> Friends - new and old - that care about my life and make me realize how wonderful people can be (and are so much fun to buy Christmas presents for!)

>>> Our little apartment that is in the perfect location and is the perfect size for me and JP - not to mention the fabulous family that is renting it to us!

And now, a few pictures from our Thanksgiving, including but not limited to matching sweaters, deep fried turkey, and black and white checkered McKenzie Child dinnerware:

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Things that happen when I should be studying:

It's finals week, which means I'm basically a hermit. I wake up early, study, go to class, study, eat, study, and stay up late studying more. 

I eat terribly, consume wayyyy too much caffeine, and discover weird things online when I'm taking studying breaks. 
(I also do things like design and order Christmas cards at 2 AM.... so that happened).

BUT, some good has come of my mindless web browsing that occurs when I can't remember even one more equation or commit one more metabolic pathway to memory and they are THE YEAR-END MASHUPS

I live for these. December rolls around and random awesome people combine all the top songs from the year into one song and it's PURE MAGIC. 

So, without further ado (and because the allotted time I've given myself for a study break is up) here are my favs thus far!

THIS ONE is my favorite - their talent is unbelievable. 

THIS ONE is a classic. 

And THIS ONE might be a 100% Taylor Swift mashup but.... It's amazing so you should definitely listen to it. #1989

Also, here are some medical school pictures, because I'm almost 1/8 a doctor and I haven't posted any proof at all on my blog:

^^^ we learned how to put casts on each other! 

^^^ this was probably the coolest day of my life 

^^^ I have a friend who takes pictures of me every time I fall asleep in class.... 

Friday, November 28, 2014

The 4th Annual Pie Party!

This party is JP's baby. 
Ever since the first year we were married, he's made sure we've never missed a year. 
The premise is fairly simple - bring a homemade pie, make sure you sample all the entries, and then there's the vote - & no voting for your own pie, of course. 

The coveted pilgrim trophy has been passed down through all the generations of the pie party and this year the grand winner was a Samoan-Girl-Scout-Cookie-Pie and it was delish!!
At one count we had 14 pies entered, making this our most successful pie party ever! 

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The winning chef!!