Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Weekend in Park City:

This past weekend JP and I went up to Park City with our friends Eric and Kimmi for a weekend getaway!

We headed up on Friday and continued our halloween tradition of getting Chinese takeout for dinner. 
We played games and went hot tubbing, watched movies and the boys played a lot of FIFA. On Saturday we lounged around and explored shops on mainstreet, followed by dinner at Zoom!
Then, probably the best moment of all was waking up to SNOW on Sunday! It was seriously magical. 
And now we're trying to come up with a reason to go back this weekend haha

Friday, October 31, 2014

The Annual Halloween Party!

So I'm averaging two blog posts a month... which is totally pathetic. But hopefully this post will make up for the complete lack of posting during the month of October 

(let me catch you up -- studying, eating out late at night, watching all the seasons of "New Girl", studying some more, taking a million tests, not sleeping, occasionally cleaning my apartment, and going on a drive to look at fall leaves only to discover we were about 1 week too late haha)

Anyways, one thing we did manage to fit in was our annual Halloween party!
And my goodness, it was such a fun time. 
We had the best turnout, completely halloween-themed treats, and played the most hilarious party game (in which the boys beat us twice but I try not to think about that)

JP and I were Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby, and seriously people's costumes were absolutely amazing -- I was so impressed!

Check out last year's party here!
And our costumes from 2012 here!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Yay! A Fall Wedding!

One of my very best friends Chelsea got married this weekend!
She and her now-husband Chase are adorable. 
So happy, so in love, so thrilled to be getting married to each other. 
The wedding dinner, ceremony, and reception were all a massive party that was so much fun -- I think mostly because they were so happy the whole time! 
And now they're off on their honeymoon, and I have no idea where they're actually going because Chase wanted it to be a surprise but Chelsea kept accidentally figuring out where it was, so then he'd change it haha. 
I guess I'll find out when they get home! :)
I threw a bachelorette party for her a couple weeks ago, but I completely spaced it and took a grand total of zero pictures :(

Friday, September 12, 2014

A BBQ with Friends!

My blog posts have been so sporadic I feel like I might as well give a little update at the beginning of each one, sooo:

Med school is fabulous! Partially because I feel like I am treading water now instead of drowning in it (haha) and partially because we are learning the coolest things! 
Guys! The human body, it's awesome. 
I feel relieved that I am enjoying it -- that was always a tiny fear in the back of my mind, that once I actually got here I would hate it or feel like it was the wrong decision (although I am sure there will be those moments in the future haha).

Anyways, JP is also doing well - he has started back at his 3rd and final year of law school. Him and his friends all have severe cases of senioritis and us studying together is currently the most-popular date night activity.

BUT we also seem to find time for netflix and BBQ's with friends!
This one took place on Labor Day (I know, it was a million years ago, bear with me) and it was so much fun!
We had gourmet hot dogs, specialty drinks, and Kimmi's famous veggie skewers! 
We love living in Salt Lake, but we definitely miss our friends in Provo! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

It's Official:

When you matriculate in med school, they have this awesome thing called a "white coat ceremony" where they "cloak" you in your first white lab doctor coat (bet you didn't see that coming haha).

It was a really great day. It was sort of like all my years of hard work had paid off and were culminating in this amazing event that officially welcomed me into the medical culture. 
I'm really going to be a doctor!

 ^^^ hooray for new med-school friends!

The actual white coat ceremony was so inspiring, I was expecting more of a graduation ceremony type boredom, but instead I was riveted the entire time! Between the speaker (who was this fabulous pastor, loved him.) and the BAPTIST CHOIR they had come sing (that should be a requirement for any ceremony, AMAZING.) and they showed this video, and if that doesn't make you want to become a doctor I don't know what will. 
Also I was introduced to this quote about medicine and I really love it, because it gives such a nice perspective on the whole field:

Medicine is the most humane of sciences, the most empiric of arts, and the most scientific of humanities.
Edmund Pellegrino, MD (1979)

And now suddenly I'm two weeks into school and we already had our first test! Ah!

Snippets of our new place!

We love it up here! 
Below are some shots of our home, and then some of our neighborhood!
We live in the most beautiful area filled with huge old trees that line the streets and we're surrounded by houses that are a hundred years old and full of character, I love them so much!

^^^ JP bought me these gorgeous sunflowers to celebrate our 3-year anniversary!
We've been married for three years, but it seriously feels like we should still be classified as 'newly weds.'
Every day with him is so fun, and I truly don't think I could be doing this whole med-school thing without his support! Oh I love you to moon and back JP! 
Here's to three fabulous years, and a whole lot more to come.